It’s all about G&T

This month I took a decision to join  Craft Gin Club since G & T is one of my favorites drinks . As seen on Dragons Den, Craft Gin Club is a really a great subscription service since you got the flexibility  to manage your box  deliveries and opt-in to receive boxes monthly, bi monthly or quarterly, or stop and start any time. It comes with craft gin, mixers, foodie treats and a magazine with cocktails recipes.

I was really pleased with the quality of the Gin provided this month – “Boatyard Double Gin” which is made by a north Ireland company. The bottle is very well crafted and the gin is made with spirit from organically grown wheat. The botanicals include juniper, coriander, lemon, angelica, orris, liquorice and grains of paradise. Sounds fancy eh?

It features notes of citrus crush and a floral sweetness  and I personally really liked it. To be honest with you  I’m having one right now so I guess my post will be full of typos … sorry :).

The cocktails of the month suggested by the club is  Red Snapper which includes 50ml of Boatyard gin, 100ml of Britvic tomato juice cocktails, hot sauce to taste, Worcestershire sauce to taste and a generous amount of salt and pepper plus celery and lemon slice to garnish.  Since I’m not a big fun of tomato juice and I hate Blody Mary and I did not dare to try it yet. I will keep you posted on this.

Happy Gin everyone


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