Review: Shavekit Razor Subscription

I’m currently on the hunt of the perfect razor blade and subscription service, and today I’m taking a look at Shavekit.

Razors are one of those things that can be expensive especially if we tend to buy the industry leading brands such as Gilette. Don’t get me wrong Gilette proglide is one of my favourite razors but paying 12 pounds for 4 blades it is a bit excessive especially if you  like me shave every day.

Let’s talk now a bit  about Shavekit

The company was founded by Tom Harrow and Tom Walker in January 2014 with aims to deliver the best shave with a more convenient experience and flexible delivery options.

Shavekit offers a choice of a 3 or 5 blade razor and monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery options (with no commitment) with each kit containing 4 new razors at affordable price.

I have been very impressed about the first box received; it is well packaged and well presented so kudos to the product marketing team behind it.  The handle build is good quality, and the razors feature an open-back architecture, so are easy to clean after every use.

I have enjoyed my first shave; it was smooth with no cuts and/or  skin irritation.

I will update this review in due course since I still need to try the face scrub, posts have balm and shaving cream which by the way smell very nice.

Try ShaveKit for only 3£

Five Blade



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